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Industrial Services

Huber Automation is a proud systems integrator with 15 years of professional experience across many industries. We have proficiencies in PLC design, SCADA design, and instrumentation troubleshooting offer a comprehensive spectrum of services crucial for optimizing industrial automation systems. We specialize in developing tailored PLC solutions that automate processes. Our SCADA design expertise ensures the creation of robust systems, enabling real-time monitoring, remote access, and seamless process control. Instrumentation troubleshooting skills allow them to diagnose and rectify issues with sensors, transmitters, and measurement devices, ensuring accurate data acquisition and system reliability.

Moreover, we excel in system integration, seamlessly combining diverse automation components to enable smooth communication and compatibility. Ask us to craft a custom solution to meet your specific industry requirements. We can address unique challenges effectively. We are skilled at optimizing system performance through upgrades, statistical and predictive maintenance monitoring. We offer training programs and ongoing support to empower your team in operating and maintaining the integrated systems. Allow Huber Automation to provide you a holistic solution to your industrial process and begin elevating efficiency, reliability, and competitiveness in your operations. See all of the services we offer in the descriptions below.

Electrical Panel and Components

Panel Design

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SCADA System Control Room


A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is a critical technology used in various industries to monitor, control, and manage complex processes and systems. It collects data from sensors, equipment, and devices in real-time, then processes and presents this information to operators, enabling them to make informed decisions and take timely actions. A SCADA system can greatly benefit your operation by enhancing efficiency, reliability, and safety. It provides real-time visibility into your processes, allowing for proactive monitoring and immediate responses to anomalies or issues, minimizing downtime and production disruptions. SCADA systems enable centralized control of multiple remote sites, streamlining operations and reducing labor costs. Moreover, they facilitate data analysis and historical data storage, aiding in trend analysis, predictive maintenance, and process optimization. Overall, a SCADA system empowers your operation with greater control, efficiency, and competitiveness in today’s data-driven industrial landscape.

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Field Services

We provide a comprehensive array of essential electrical services for diverse industries, including maintenance, troubleshooting, programming, calibration, and equipment repair. Our expertise extends to efficient problem-solving in electrical instrumentation and control, enabling swift issue identification and minimizing downtime. Whether you require assistance in installing new electrical components or designing interfaces for complex systems, our team offers rapid solutions to help you achieve your goals effectively.

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Transformer Yard, High Voltage

Power Systems

Whether you are interested in designing, maintaining, or optimizing electrical power systems, we offer services that encompass your needs. We can deliver coordinated system protections or offer recommendations to your power distribution. Interested in integrating renewable energy sources or assessing power quality, we can help. We can even implement real-time analytics, smart meters and high speed recording to capture events, minimize downtime and safeguard equipment. We work with Professional Engineers and ensure compliance with all electrical codes and standards.

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Our Mission

At Huber Automation, our mission is to utilize technology’s potential to streamline processes, improve productivity, and elevate our clients’ performance. We strive to offer innovative automation solutions tailored to our clients’ unique requirements.

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Whether you’re looking to optimize your industrial processes, enhance operational efficiency, or stay up-to-date with the latest trends in automation technology, our blogs offer valuable insights, expert advice, and real-world success stories. Dive into a treasure trove of knowledge, where you’ll find practical tips, case studies, and innovative ideas that can propel your business forward. Explore our blog today and unlock the potential of automation to transform your operations, improve productivity, and drive success.

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Choosing the right partner for your automation solutions is a crucial step towards operational excellence. Our experienced team of system integrators brings a wealth of knowledge and a track record of successful projects to the table. With us, you’re not just a client; you’re a collaborator in creating solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. We understand the intricacies of automation, and we’re committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations. Let’s work together to streamline your processes, enhance efficiency, and elevate your operations to new heights. Trust in our expertise and let us guide you towards a more automated, efficient, and successful future.