Strengthen Your Business. Innovate. Automate.

Strengthen Your Business. Innovate. Automate.

Huber Automation LLC can design, build and test the network infrastructure and interface protocols to get your process operational. We are familiar with the most essential methods of delivering data while maintaining a high level of security. We work with all industrial devices and protocols. Contact us today so we can help you with your network or communication related problems.

Virtual LANS (VLANs) and Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRFs)

You may have heard of the term VLAN. VLANs are effective ways of creating isolation on Layer 2 of the OSI model of networking. However, when introducing routing (a Layer 3 function) VRFs may be necessary for creating isolation within your integrated and complex network. It is important when designing your industrial network that you incorporate the use of virtual LANs and routers so that you do not subject your processes to any risk.

Did you know that many industrial Layer 2 switches support VLAN segmentation? Whether you are working with Allen-Bradley Stratix or Siemens Scalance Ethernet switches, you should think about incorporating the higher level functions of the switch. VLAN segmentation will improve security and reduce unwanted network traffic.

Industrial Networking

Innovate your process with proven technology. Confidently create a system which incorporates security but opens capability for all of your communication requirements. Huber Automation LLC has over two decades of experience with networking equipment.

Whether you are trying to phase out your antiquated network and controllers or building a process for the first time, Huber Automation LLC can help you to design, build, commission and test your infrastructure.

Have you ever had difficulty adding something to a network? We have the staff which knows how to establish communications and develop the interface for almost any application. We have worked with an extensive number of gateway devices, communication protocols, programmable communication devices.

Building a custom interface can be complicated and tedious. We have developed our own custom modules which can quickly get your open protocol devices speaking with your equipment within hours. When you need data, let Huber Automation LLC help you to efficiently implement your interfaces and infrastructure.

Did you know about Automatic Device Configuration?

Have you struggled with restoring equipment configurations after a hardware failure? Wouldn’t it be nice if your technician could simply plug the device into the network and the process could resume. A function that some industrial switches provide is the ability to restore IP configurations on hardware at boot! Device configurations can be loaded directly from the PLC and your engineers don’t need to worry about how to restore the equipment in the middle of the night. Save yourself time and money by investing in the automatic device configuration capability enabled with your industrial switches and PLCs.


We are no stranger to your Industrial Networking needs. With years of experience and dedicated workers Huber Automation LLC can help you.

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Fiber Optics

With larger demands for high speed data it isn’t uncommon that fiber optics is conducting the large trunks of data flowing throughout your process. Knowing the specific application can help to determine the type of fiber that is right for you. Multimode fiber such as OM3 or OM4 may not be the correct application for your need. Single mode fiber can be incredibly expensive. Terminating fiber optics can be quite cumbersome requiring special polishing kits to achieve reliable connections. Have you considered using industrial type fiber solutions such as Siemens FastConnect fiber? We have experience with all the connector types such as LC, SC. There are also considerations for selecting the correct SFP, or small form pluggable transmitter, when interfacing the fiber with your hardware.

Communication Protocols

There are many communication protocols and it can be difficult to know which you are working with and how to effectively make your device deliver the data to its final destination. Fortunately, there are physical gateway devices like those made by ProSoft and HMS that can help in interconnections. Software gateways like Kepware and Matrikon can facilitate handling that data once it is transmitted to a computer.

UDP TCP/IP, Modbus RTU/ASCII, Modbus TCP/IP, ProfiBus DP / PA, ProfiNet, ASI Bus, OPC-UA/DA, DH/DH+, ControlNet, DCS-Net, DeviceNET, CAN Bus, BACNet, HART, CAN Bus

Physical Protocols with which to implement the communication protocols can be just as complicated. Knowing this information can help you in selecting the correct adapter to configuring your device.

TTL, UART, SPI, RS232/422/485, I2C, USB, IEEE 802.3

Do you have a custom application. Devices don’t always interface nicely. Sometimes you are forced to design your own communication modules and SCADA visualizations and control. We have experience in interface design specifications. We can demonstrate functionality with timing diagrams and real-time monitoring to ensure your devices communicate properly. Fully documented solutions come with a description of the custom software function. Visualizations can be helpful in quickly troubleshooting your remote hardware conveniently from the control room.

custom network interface design


Selecting the hardware and making the connections


Configuration of the the equipment to enable communications

Interfaces Design

Building the custom application interface to make use of your data

Pragmatic Network Solutions

Whatever your concern for your network let Huber Automation help you with the technical aspects of design and implementation. We can help you with your application. Industry can be competative. A good network solution will keep your business connected. Speed, reliability, security, real-time data and control are just a few of the many reasons to consider a thorough design.  Huber Automation LLC can help.